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Washer-extractor for bunkers

Washer-extractor specially designed for the specific needs of fire department laundry. Cleans your equipment in-depth.

Professional Laundry Equipment

Gain from exceptional quality laundry by saving energy, water and detergent costs with automated programming of our UniMac washer-extractors. Keep working hard with reliable, durable and robust equipment. 


Our UniMac washer-extractors offer custom programming with microprocessors to control and ensure optimal device performance. 

Washer-extractor for bunker suits
Robust washer-extractor for workwear for all industries 
Commercial washer-extractor for workwear


Bunker suits UniMac washer-extractor  Commercial washer for bunker suits   Washer for bunker suits  Robust commercial washer   Bunker suits washer

UW-Series - UniLinc and FireLinc Control

UniMac commercial washer  Robust industrial washer  Washer-extractor for bunker suits  Commercial washer for workwear  Robust commercial washer 
unilinc control.JPG

UW-Series - FireLinc Control

Firelink Control washer-extractor 

The FireLinc control gives you a detailed report of the washing history of each of your bunkers, including the date, the name of the user, which bunker, the washing cycle selected, the hottest degree of the water and so on. 

How it works?

1. Log in to the application.

2. Select the location and the machine where your equipment will be washed.

3. Select the appropriate washing cycle.

4. Scan the bar code of your equipment. 


Different models of the UW-Series

Click on any models below to learn more about its specifications.

UWN045T4L model, capacity 45 lbs (for 6-8 pieces of bunker)

UWN065T4L model, capacity 65 lbs (for 10 pieces of bunker)